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In today's dynamic business landscape, enterprises are grappling with multiple challenges related to their IT systems. Investing in new hardware and software (CAPX) can be prohibitively expensive and limit your flexibility and scalability. Large capital project implementation can also tax your already overextended team and burden them with added long-term maintenance.

Updating legacy technology may resolve your immediate system needs but could expose you to additional risk from compliance and cyber security considerations. Staying compliant with ever-changing laws and regulations is a constant headache and the multifaceted nature of cyber security can be overwhelming. Finally, a single point of failure can lead to catastrophic data losses and downtime. Cyber liability insurance may not always address these issues and can be cost prohibitive.

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High-availability cybersecurity (SOC) services can be a cost-effective asset for an enterprise. Tailored services to your specific needs, budget, and environment gives you peace of mind that your business will have continuity and resiliency.

Business Continuity

Critical business functions must remain functional during a disaster and after it has occurred. Establishing risk management processes and procedures seek to mitigate interruptions to mission-critical services and restore daily operations as quickly as possible.

Compliance and Auditing

Trusted guidance and auditing for industry specific compliance concerns including ISO, PCI DSS, HIPPA, GDPR and PDPA. Security penetration testing will find vulnerabilities that could be used by threat actors to obtain sensitive information.

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Noel Ashpole

Managing Partner

BDO, Thailand


I've seen firsthand how Movaci's Managed IT Services and Security have propelled our growth and efficiency. Their tailored IT solutions and proactive security measures have seamlessly integrated into our operations, enhancing both productivity and data safety. Movaci's exceptional service and dedication to staying ahead of technological advancements make them an invaluable partner in our journey towards continued success and innovation in the professional services sector.

I can attest that Movaci’s robust and scalable solutions have been crucial in enhancing our operational efficiency and security. Movaci's expertise and dedicated support have significantly contributed to the growth and success of our diverse business portfolio, making them a key partner in our journey.

Toby Allen / CEO Destiny Enterprise, Thailand

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