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Having served nonprofits since our conception, Movaci is acutely aware of the challenges organizations are facing.

Have you ever faced these problems?

The first major area of difficulty in maintaining an organization’s IT ecosystem is finding qualified professionals that will stay long-term. Every time there is a change from one “IT guy” to another there is a switching cost because the new guy will do somethings differently than the last. The second major pain-point after technical staff is technology budgets. Nonprofits often need the best that technology has to offer, but rarely have the operational budgets to fulfill that need. Finally, nonprofit leaders are focused on the mission. Executive and board members often lack the industry experience and technical knowhow to meet the ever-growing demand for tech.

Are you at risk?

There will always be someone that wants take advantage of your organization’s technology weakness. If those weaknesses are exploited, the personal and project information of your staff, volunteers, donors, and field contacts could be compromised. In some cases, a website or social media profile could be hijacked and defaced with something detrimental to your mission and donor development. It may not be immediately apparent if the threat actor is a prankster, seeking to harm your work, or trying to steal data for financial gain. Any incident, regardless the intent, will cost you time and money to recover including increased premiums for your cyber risk insurance. Worst of all, you may lose the trust of your donors to handle their personal and financial assets.

What actions do you need to take?

The needed response should be one that requires the least amount of change, cost, and operational disruption. Ignoring or sidestepping the risk can be as small as lost productivity or as extreme as a data breach with significant financial losses. Some will turn to SaaS (Software as a Service) vendors to try and outsource the responsibility of security. Trusting a software vendor in hopes they are better than doing it yourself can give false sense of security. The fact is that while your data might be safe in their cloud, user equipment, web platforms, email systems, file store solutions are well outside their control. How do you ensure end-to-end security on these diverse systems?

The Solution

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Trusted IT & Security Partner

Nonprofit organizations around the world trust Movaci to keep their global teams productive and secure.

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Experienced & Certified Team

You need technicians, engineers, and analysts who hold professional certifications across many IT and cybersecurity fields. Movaci can give you what you need to take advantage of the latest and best that technology has to offer.

Supported Infrastructure, Users, Security

There are three main areas where nonprofits need extra help. Infrastructure is the main backbone of your technology landscape. These components may include Wi-Fi networks, servers, websites, cloud services, workstations, and the applications that run on them. Securing these components can often be overwhelming, but Movaci can simplify it for you. Finally, users need support from technicians who take pride in excellent customer service.

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Managed Services

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Security Auditing and Testing

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Chad Bullard

Chief Executive Officer

China Aid Association


“Movaci understands the unique security and IT needs of ChinaAid and has consistently recommended and implemented effective and useful hardware and software solutions for our non-profit ministry. Movaci's leadership and tech consulting staff has empowered our team with strong IT support and increased our technical aptitude.”

As our organization evolved, Movaci assisted us with our changing needs, implementing new technologies and advance security protocols to ensure we met our security and compliance obligations.”

Ed Hong / VP, Finance & Administration The Voice of the Martyrs, Canada

Movaci’s meticulous approach to data security has significantly bolstered our financial transaction systems, ensuring the utmost protection for our supporters' information. Movaci's expertise in compliance not only fortifies our security but also reinforces our commitment to trust and integrity in our operations.

Ben Cardner / Head of ICT Release International, UK

I'm immensely grateful for Movaci's reliability and top-notch security which streamlined our data management, enabling us to effectively reach those in need. The efficiency and scalability they offer are unparalleled, significantly aiding our humanitarian initiatives.

Tim Dunham / Executive Director The Family Connection Foundation, Thailand

“We are grateful for the relationship of security we have with Movaci because we can depend on them.”

Grace Shim / Executive Director Cornerstone Counseling Foundations Resort

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